Coming Soon: Mere Mortals

I wouldn’t have said it was an ordinary day, but I was doing ok. I was chasing the picture, working on a story about Nova City’s undead crime lord trying to buy the mayoral election, yes against orders and all all rules of common sense, but that was all right. No one really knows this, but my big brother is Sir Solstice. Yes, the sun knight, the leader of the Light Brigade! And no matter what, I always knew he would be there to bail me out.

At least that’s how it had always worked before. But what happened when it didn’t? What happened when the entire Light Brigade–yes, Sir Solstice, Lady Peace, Mysteria, Bellerophon and the Scorpyon–all of them, were gone? But their bad guys didn’t go away.

No, it’s worse, much worse than that. And the only people who can find out what is going on are people like me, the sidekicks, the friends, wives, lovers, and kid brothers of the people who have the real power.

Coming Soon: Mere Mortals, a ficblog by C.E. Grayson

What happens when the heroes are gone, and the fate of the world rests in the hands of us mere mortals?